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Our theme for 2018 is AWAKE!  God has been awakening the church to walk in the fullness of His Presence among us.  As a family we are encouraging one another to rise up and awaken to His call on our lives.  Check out the message introducing the theme here.

Will you allow Him to awaken YOU this year? 



Hamilton Christian Fellowship is a family. Although all of us are broken people, we know God enables us to find healing through his love and we want to pattern that to the entire world. We’re so glad to be part of all God’s doing in Hamilton and hope to spread God's love throughout this city! We're part of the Partners-in-Harvest family of churches and worship in a historical landmark church built by St. George's Anglican. We bless the Church of Hamilton in all its diverse expressions!  

Bob & Lisa Cowling - Senior Pastors Brant Levert - Discipleship Pastor
Andy Luchies - Associate Pastor (on paternity leave)
David Cummings - Pastor Emeritus


We believe in God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who together have showered love on humankind since the world was created. 

We believe the Bible is God’s letter to us telling the cosmic love story of how God reaches out to us to bring us into his home. 

We believe Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. The historical records of his life in the Bible are a reliable witness to the truth of his death and resurrection.

We believe God speaks to you. We are not after mere facts or ideas, we are here for relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth.


We love God and we love everyone around us. We spread God's joy throughout the city of Hamilton and seek to find new ways to bless the community around us.  There's a movement starting and it's a radical call to live for something bigger than yourself. It started 2000 years ago and the ripples are still making this world a better place.

Join us in making God famous and growing love in others as we bless all of humanity here at home and across the ocean!



Our regular Sunday service is at 10:00am, it's a casual atmosphere so come as you are. All are welcome and we offer free premium direct-trade coffee if you make it before the service starts!


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