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There is no "junior" Holy Spirit. God has called us to train up our children to be the strong, confident men and women that He's called them to be. If you're looking for a way to sow into the next generation or want your children to know their true identity as loved children of God, you'll want to get connected here!


Denni Roy -

Prophecy is simply hearing God's voice and knowing how to share it with others. Learning with us will increase your sensitivity to the voice of the Lord and provide you with healthy habits and structures to relay his voice to those around you. Come soar with Him!

 To contact a member of our Pastoral Care team here at HCF please email

Before attending a session we ask that you read the two documents below and email them to the contact you're given.

Waiver of Liability - H2H_WaiverOfLiability (27.5 KB)

Pastoral Care Questionnaire - H2H_Pastoral_Care_Q (32.5 KB)


Donna Sexton - Sunday Prayer Coordinator


Community. Friendship. Support. Growth. 
Our small groups are designed to maximize your Christian experience by growing your spirit, training your mind and building your relationship with God and others.  Our groups are micro-communities of committed believers focusing on spiritual growth together. We pray, study, discuss and listen as we grow together through God's Spirit.

There are also plenty of opportunities to just connect and enjoy life together. We host games nights, men's nights out, ladies events--whatever your need if we don't have a group that meets your needs, we'll encourage you to start one because all relationships of love start with hanging out!


"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." Our primary call as sons and daughters who have been set free is to worship God with authenticity, uniqueness, and wholehearted joy. Peace and joy flow from true worship as we cease the focus on ourselves or our issues and focus on the beauty of Christ. Whether your worship style is dancing, silent reflection or anything in between, come join us Sunday mornings for worship you can feel deep in your soul.